MAKOplasty Robotic Surgery - Additional Info

MAKOplasty Robotic SurgeryMCM's Center for Hip and Knee Replacement Offers Advanced MAKO®plasty Technology

With the Joint Replacement Center's recent addition of MAKO®plasty robotic hip and knee surgery, Medical Center of McKinney's (MCM) trend of excellence forges on.

"This state-of-the-art robotic arm technology offers a new level of precision and accuracy in aligning and placing implants," says Charles Toulson, M.D., Medical Director of Orthopedics for MCM. "MAKOplasty enables us to perform knee and hip replacement with utmost precision and accuracy, thus ensuring the replacement lasts longer than was once possible. This is very important news for patients seeking the latest technology advancements in knee and hip replacement, as well as a restored lifestyle."

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, nearly 15 million people suffer with osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis with pain and limited range of motion being the primary symptoms and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee?

  • Pain while standing or walking short distances, climbing up or down stairs, or getting in and out of chairs
  • Pain with activity
  • Pain or stiffness when activities are initiated from a sitting position
  • Joint stiffness after getting out of bed
  • Swelling in one or more areas of the knee
  • A grating sensation or crunching feeling in the knee during use

Untreated, osteoarthritis in one compartment may progress into a second compartment of the knee causing increased pain and reduced mobility (mid-stage). When the disease ultimately affects all three compartments of the knee (late-stage), pain is often severe and treatment is generally limited to total knee replacement, a procedure which removes the natural knee joint and replaces it with an artificial joint.

The human knee is comprised of three parts:  the inside area (medial); the outside (lateral); and the area located beneath the kneecap. "The MAKOplasty procedure is ideal for patients suffering from arthritis confined to one of two areas of the knee, whereas traditional total knee replacement surgery is indicated for those with arthritis throughout the knee," Dr. Toulson says. "For this reason, a total knee replacement is sometimes necessary if during surgery we discover the patient's knee has more damage than originally seen in the pre-operative X-rays and CT scan."

Unlike total knee replacement, MAKOplasty is a resurfacing of the joint with much less bone being removed. Soft tissues and ligaments remain untouched which allows for an overall less invasive procedure. During the procedure, the diseased portion of the knee is resurfaced, sparing the patient's healthy bone and surrounding tissue. An implant is then secured in the joint to allow the knee to move smoothly again.

Benefits of MAKOplasty include:

  • Facilitates optimal implant positioning to result in a more natural feeling knee following surgery
  • Improved surgical outcomes
  • Smaller incision and less scarring
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Results in a more rapid recovery and shorter hospital stay than traditional knee replacement surgery
  • Promotes a rapid relief from pain and return to daily activities

"The MAKOplasty technology is also available for hips but, at this point in time isn't quite as minimally invasive as the procedure for knees," Dr. Toulson says. "In addition to MAKOplasty and traditional hip replacement surgery, MCM offers several other advanced options for patients in need of a hip replacement including the Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery. The anterior approach is a highly effective alternative and is especially appropriate for patients who are active and eager to return to work and their daily activities as soon as is safely possible."

Dr. Toulson continues: "I'm very proud to say MCM's Joint Replacement Center has again set the bar for providing highly advanced technology to residents of the North Texas corridor. There's simply no reason for patients to travel to Dallas to receive this type of care; it's available right here on their back porch. MCM has it all."